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Online Assessment Using ExamView Software

This is ExamView software site; where you can download a Trial copy of the ExamView software: www.fscreations.com/index.php


 Your website password and access to the website is separate from access to the converted item banks.  You will need another password to be able to download the converted item banks.  Parenting 2010 up loaded.

 The converted item banks are restricted to use by North Carolina Career and Technical Educators due to copyright limitations.   If you want access have your NC CTE IMS contact me.   Link to NC Acceptable Use Policy.


You can use the item banks assist you with your formative assessments.  Formative assessment is a process used by teachers and students during instruction that provides feedback to adjust ongoing teaching and learning to improve studentsí achievement of intended instructional outcomes.


Source:  http://www.ets.org/Media/Research/pdf/RR-07-11.pdf 


VoCATS Middle School Powerpoint.

The ExamView program is a commercial software product that provides a complete test management system.  ExamView can manage, create and edit test banks as well as offer online testing of students will a complete record book history of assessment taken and analysis of the results.  ExamView allows the VoCATS item banks use to be painless and cost effective to large groups of students.  Using ExamView the teacher can give instruction and practice work and at the end of which bookmark the students to an assessment based on the material covered. These assessment are self scoring, the questions can be randomized for each student and immediate feedback is available to the student.  The results can are laid out in a grade book so the teacher can look across the grade book and see how the class is progressing along the curriculum. Item analysis is available for each assessment and each student's average and class average for the test are kept.  ExamView's advantages is that testing is easier, more flexible, less expensive and more powerful than other methods.  ExamView is able to deliver the promise that others have offered a seamless, paperless assessment environment that is fast and cost effective to use.  Designed to make assessments more efficient and effective, ExamView gives the teacher the power to create a test or study guide in a matter of minutes, and deliver the assessment to the students without the cost of copying, scanatron forms or the problems with maintaining scanning equipment.  Time is saved and once made the assessment can be used again and again.  Students can not memorize answers because ExamView randomizes the questions for each student and gives immediate feedback to the student and to the instructor.  .

Better assessment is just that better assessment.  ExamView gives you the power and flexibility to accommodate different learning styles and meet special student needs by allowing you to easily incorporate multimedia elements such as graphs, charts, pictures, mathematical equations, sounds, and digital movie clips into your test questions. These are things that are impossible with testing program that rely on scan forms or only paper tests. ExamView gives better assessment in shorter time allowing the instructor more time to do what is important, teach students.

The study guides shown on this website are only one small part of what is possible with ExamView.  They do represent a small part of the type of assessment possible but do not show any of the management functions of the ExamView software.  I encourage you to download a trial copy of the software and examine the potential.

Study Guides

Study Guides are made with the ExamView Software and the NC VoCATS Item banks.  The Examview software can produce paper test, online test and htm files that are self scoring (study guides).  Using the software you can create as many different study guides as you like.  I have created some for Autotech II and posted them here at the site.  Their use is restricted to Career and Technical Education Teachers in North Carolina.  Click on the right side bar to see the courses that now have study guides.



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Sample Stripped Study Guides

You can look at a some study guides made with ExamView that does not contain the images.   Click on the following samples which is not from a NC VoCATS itembank:

Computer Engineering


Sample of a question with a read a loud option and Spanish translation.

If you send me a test or worksheet you have made I can convert it to an examview bank.  We all can use the material.  Examview is very flexible and can import word files.  They can be true or false, matching, even fill in the blank.  

ExamView format banks

I have the following banks available in Examview format and even more for 2007.  Many of them are very large and would require a CD to transfer them.

Auto Tech I, II, and III plus Advanced Brakes
Culinary Arts I and II
Allied Health I and II
Medical Science I and II
Health Team Relations
Biomedical Technology
Computer Engineering
Middle School Keyboarding (very large due to lots of graphics)
Middle School 6400 Business Computer Technology
Business Law
Travel and Tourism
Digital Communications
Computer Apps I 2007 and II
Business Law
Principal of Business
Cosmetology I and II
Career Management
Horticulture I and II
Landscape Horticulture II
Horticulture II Turf Grass
Fundamentals of Technology
Principals of Technology I and II
Drafting I, II and III
Accounting I and II
Teen Living
Early Childhood I and II

I convert the file by capturing the test in PDF format, copying the text and placing it into a work file and then cleaning up the output.  One curriculum will take about 1-2 days.  I have finished Drafting,  Autotech and Construction Technology. I finished all that Moore County uses, plus all of Marketing CTE offers.