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CDPP+ is a huge undertaking.  Anyone who looks at the database will know that a lot of specialized coding went in to it.  Just look at the courses and pathway table.   I have a large high school 2200 students and to produce the CDPP+ by hand would be a job that would take months and be the definition of tedious.

Our problem is that even if we have strict controls on our school data entry, data is imported with transfers.  Errors will enter that no one would expect.  It is only possible to have a working CDPP+ program if we work together to indentify and correct these errors.

It may have taken time, but 9/28/09 all my CDPP+ are done for the county and the CDCs have good working documents to collect their VEIS information.


Data errors

I have a large high school 2,200 students and it recieves transfers with errors in the data entry.   I use notepad to correct my files, using find.

1) double quotes in names   Someone likes entering nicknames in the parent extract studparn.dat. with quotes around it.  If not corrected the program will think it is another field   

example   ," Randy "Shorty"", "Whitesell"    

The Shorty is a nickname and if the quotes are not removed will result in an error.   I used notepad to correct my datafile.

2)  empty course name   One student in the studhmrk.dat file had no name for the course name.   The program did not not what to do with it and halted.  Gibbs and I finally found it.  I replaced the empty, "" with "empty" and our database ran. I used a search and replace ,"","",""   replacing it with ,"","","Empty".

Starting The Database -Macro pathway

Because different people put the database in different locations you must browse for the database before you open it. 

1) Open the program Access from your program menu.

2) Once your Access program is open you must browse for the directory where the data base is located.

3) Then all of your macros will know where your files are located.


If you start Access program and then open the cdpp database it will work.  But if you want to just click on the cdpp.database you will need to add C: to the text import line in the macros.  That might be worthwhile if you have a lot of schools to run.

Click here to see video


Sendcdpp.bat fix

This sendcpdp.bat fix will allow the veis report to not be considered an error.  It removed the check file feature by adding a remark to the statement.

I would suggest running the check file to see if your NCWISE extracts are ok.  I found some double quotes in mine.  It was a middle name such as Richard "Rick"   the CDPP program will think that the Rick is another field and send you an error statement.  You will have to remove the quotes around Rick.

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