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Click here toFor Video showing how to adjust preslug controls. view video of adjusting slug marks.

1) command to make database   sendvocz  219 

2) Download the 2009 Database PBSH Rhodes.  This database has adjusted controls and also has a report that numbers the students and adds one extra for read a loud.  It also has a Header sheet with extra info printed on it.

3) Drifting of forms, Mary Finely still had problems with the form drifting down the page.  We went to form design view and then to the tool box and selected a page break. We placed the break near the bottom of the form and then reduced the size of the form up to the page break.  That took care of the drifting.

Solution for Randolph Co. using Acess 2004 margin tp .25  bottom .239 (not .236), this stopped drifting.

4)  Make�� sluggs smaller. Select all the slugg controls in form Design View, hold down shift key and move cursor up once or twice.  This will reduce the amount of space the form has to print and reduce the size of the slugg mark.  

5) If you have dividing lines, lines that print on the hash marks, open the form in design view and change the dividing lines property to no, see below. 



How to use design Controls in Access to adjust slugging of Bubble sheets.


1.) Start with a clean copy of PBSH, if you have messed with the margins of Gibbs copy.  You can copy the database new from your install disk.  We will not use the margin adjustment to move the slugs, we will use the design view instead.



2. I will open the fake data PBSH  Hotshot




3. Hold the cursor and select all the controls.



4. Let go of the select mouse button and you move the curse to the box and it should change to a hand.  You can then click and move all the controls to any position on the page.



5. You can click on just one control and move it or you can right click and get properties, click on properties.



6.  If you want finite control you can adjust using the Top and Left property controls.