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Preslugging Answer Sheets with Access

  Preslug Oct 17 2009, is the program I am using. I preslugg by making a database and then saving one database for each school.  I import the Voctest.dat file, run the bat file sendvotz.bat.  I then imort the file by using the access macro. 

 PBSH has included a table vocscr, which you can check and it will print only the tests you check (good for field tests).  All this is in the instructions provided with the program.  I have admended the database to add some features, you may download this database below, but it is in no way a substitute for purchasing the program and you should not be able to get it work work unless you have the rest of the program purchased .   

Rhodes Admendment.

 I have an ammended Preslugging Database for download if you wish.

 You should have purchase the software before you use this database.  I have renamed the database to a Doc file so it will be easier to download.

2009 Best PBS

The macros have been amemded so they will run by clicking on the database program in the C:\VoCATS.  This screen shows where to click on the macros to pobulate the database. I have added a C: to the text import so you can open the database in the C:\VoCATS directory and they will work.  You still must run the studvocz.bat file before you try to populate the database.  Also Gibbs has added a macro to clear the data, and a macro to check the files.

I have added a report named Tom Field Teast.  It numbers the students and addes one to the top number in the square for read-a-loud.  I have also placed a date at the top.  This is the reformated Roster Report, I have added a number in front of the name and a place where Total test to be counted in and out is stored.

This accountability statement was added to the bottom of the roster to be signed by the teacher.  I see Gibbs has added numbers to his report and an accountability statement at the bottorm.










OCS PBSH  Id OCS students

I have used  PreSlug program to identify OCS students and check diploma type and CTE course code.   Down load the OCS PBSH database here.

 PBSH Voctest Export to Excell

Import the Voctest filel into excell.   Select all columns and sort by course name.  Delete all courses except the occupational courses 9300s then using copy and paste, copy all the occupational courses information . 

  ( You could just go to the section without and copy without deleting anything.)

Now go to the OCS PBSH database and open the tblOCS  paste all your OCS students.  You will get a few error statements, this is because student Id is the primary key and all duplicates students are being eliminated.

 Now go to the tblOCS query and you will see all your OCS students who are enrolled in CTE course.  You can check to see if diploma type is correct and you can check OCS T, column  to see if you have all zeros.   Any 2 would mean a standard course and would need to be changed.

 I have found this a more reliable method to check for OCS students than any list, because to date I have not found any standard students register in Occupational Academic Classes.  There is a sample below, I found two OCS students coded incorrectly.