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Computer Apps I 2010

Melton Computer Apps II 2009

Debra Melton has agreed to share her work here.  So far we have two ExamView item banks.  If you use them realize how helpful Debra is being and email her a thank you. 

Computer II 2009

101 Investigate graphic types and file formats. (5%)    as rich text file

102 Investigate image editing. (4         as rich text file


201 Fonts   added 9/15/2009 Thanks again to Debra


From Mary Finely, Mary sent us the following,  Thanks Mary.  I converted these to EV 6.2 so it took me some time before I could post them.


101    9/15/2009 as rtf file

201    9/15/2009 as rtf file

202    9/15/2009 as rtf file

203    9/15/2009 as rtf file


From George Brooks, 38 questions with examples, very nice additions.


Brooks 202   as rtf file  9/22/2009


From Wetsel

I hope more people take the time to share their work, these small efforts take longer than you would think.  There maybe some design elements like complimentary colors, that are not in the curriculum guide, but they are useful concepts for the students.  I hope the files help. 9/14/09


202 Website design, three matching banks   202 M1202 M2202 M3


202 to go with the powerpoint video, it has more samples in it, 15 questions 9/15/09


http://fbla.testfrenzy.com/  Link to FBLA test site...very interesting.


CA II 203 Arizona FBLA Desktop Publishing tests. 50 questions   9/16/2009   You may want to check the objectives to see if they are correctly alinged.


CA II Goal 2 Arizona Desktop Publishing test, 82 Questions 9/17/2009  I have added the NC objectives to the test and removed the spelling correction part of the test.   It is a little bit application directed, but pretty good.


Arizona FBLA Computer Applications Test 2 100 questions  9/17/2009    I found this test on the web and had a challenge converting it.  Some of the questions could be used for our curriculum.  I am leaving it as I found, it still has the Arizona SCS objectives.  Someone may want to load it, add our objectives and remove all the questions not relevant to the CA II 2009 curriculum.  I leaving it as it is, because I find it intriguing.


CA II Obj 3.03  Obrien-Duke 25 questions


Thanks to Saundra for these ExamView questions. 


See my animation Video.   The secret of VoCATS Postassessment


Another Animation ,  Then one more Animation

Useful Links


Above is a link to a desktop publishing site that has projects read for students to "makeover".  ++++



Arkansa,  great site, some banks already in ExamView format   ++++++