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Dynamic Content in ExamView Questions

ExamView allows you to put variables into question they call this dynamic content.

 I have a sample bank you can download.  It has questions about descending and ascending sort order as used in Database.  The questions can change from descending to ascending and the answer changes automatically according to the question.  I also have a list of 11 names, one of which is randomly picked and inserted into the question.  Also I have a list of four high school names that can be inserted into questions, four liquids and four objects.   From the 22 questions 7,440 different tests can be generated.

 It is fun.  You can also place the variables in a narrative and then assign the narrative to a question.  The narrative could be a simple statement, "Work hard and take your time."  What is important is it can be used by a bank of questions to duplicate the variables.  If for example I typed in the first name of my students in a list and placed it as a variable in the narrative. I could use the variable to place the name of the students in all the questions in an itembank.   (Bill Gates, Rigor, Relevance, Relationships Schools.)

 This is the basic code for changing from ascending to descending.


 which = rand(2)
SortA  = choose (which, "ascending", "descending")

answer = choose(which, "T","F")

SortD = choose(which,"descending","ascending")


CSchool=choose(cfour,"Union Pines", "Pinecrest", "North Moore", "Pinckney Academy")

CName=choose(celven, "Helen", "Kelli", "Greg", "Antonio", "Twanda", "Jeanette", "Mary", "Tom", "Ricky", "Nancy", "Sandra")

cobject=choose(cfour, "textbooks", "food cans", "student reports", "bookbags")

cliquid=choose(cfour, "Coke-cola", "milk", "gas", "oil")


this is sample question with the variable inserted. 

At cSchool, cName, sorted the following list





This sort order cName used is SortA.



Finally you can download the itembank.


Also I have an Itembank of Database Questions including four sets of matching quesions you can download.