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North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Career and Technical Education Division

Raleigh, NC


North Carolina Classroom Item Banks

Acceptable Use Agreement



I understand that CTE classroom item banks developed under the leadership of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction are owned by NCDPI.


These banks are provided for use of North Carolina public school teachers and agencies.


(LEA)_______________________ agrees to abide by this Acceptable Use Agreement, which includes the following provisions:


  • We agree not to post any CTE classroom item banks or individual items on the Internet unless they are in an area that is password protected. The password must be unique so that it cannot be easily guessed by unauthorized users. Teachers who post banks for classroom use can share the password only with students within their classrooms. This password also can be shared in a secure manner with other North Carolina school systems’ teachers in Career and Technical Education.


  • If we convert (or have converted) classroom banks to other software, we agree not to share these banks except under the same guidelines as above.


  • We agree that employees of the school district (including vendors and contractors) must also follow these guidelines.





CTE Administrator (print)                                       CTE Administrator (signature)

or Designee                                                            or Designee







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