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Quiz Show SE Lite

The Lite versions of Quiz Show SE are the free student player versions of the programs. These programs will access an Examview bank (converted VoCATS or Teacher made items) and present them to in a quiz show format.  The student will be offered to browse for the itembank or question set they care to use.


Only single player game modes (Race the Clock and Challenge the Computer) are active in the free Lite versions and there is no support for the Teacher Utilities features of the full versions.

 Original and SE versions of Quiz Show Lite are functionally identical to each other, differing only in their graphics. The original version has graphics designed to appeal to elementary and middle school students, while the SE version is targeted to high school and older students.

Download of this free software are located at:



Downloads of converted VoCATS itembanks are available at




From the makers of Examview, please download a free copy of Quiz showSE.




This is a very nice product that works with Examview banks to make a quiz show “flash card” type program that could help students review the questions. 



It presents the items from an itembank in a quiz show format.


This is a link to the explanation.




You can also look at puzzle view, but I do not like crossword puzzles, but it is free.


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