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Talkie - Study Guide with Read-aloud Question

I have made a simple example to show the potential of placing voice files within the .rft text files as hyperlinks.  The result is you can have a study guide that is read.  I have read these questions and I sent the question out to the web to be translated.  You will see the question and the media player will pop up, you will need to click back to see the study guide as the question is read.

Click here to see sample with questions read aloud.

(sometime you need to click one on the link and see errors, hit the back button and click again and the page will work)

If someone takes the time to read the questions you could have all the questions in a converted item bank read, plus each time you made a test the questions would include the linked audio file.    I get very tired of hearing my voice.  You will to store them as a voice file  in a location your students have access to and then you can link them to your question.  Really not as hard as you think just make a folder and called Computer Applications I sound files and then name the files after question, each voice file a unique question.  I use the voice recorder provided with window.  In the word format, the media player plays in the background and you do not have to toggle from question to sound. 

As an Computer Apps I teacher, you can even assign your students to read the questions and let them add "read by Tanna Good"

You do the voice reads and I will post them here for everyone to use.

The Spanish translation or reading is a sample, but if you sent a question bank out to web translated and then had a Spanish speaker clean it up it would be usable.   Add the Spanish voice files and it is good for everyone.  Somewhere someplace in the state, someone could do this. It would take some time, but once it is finished, it is finished. 

Also since these files are in rich text format, rft or all Examview banks can be exported to rich text format, you can use wordpad provided by windows under accessories to open the file and it will remove all the frames and easily reword the questions and have a new itembank.  That is what I did with the question above.  We are going to need more sample questions in the RBT format and it seems we will have to wait almost two years to have an RFT itembank we can use.   We could write and share our own.


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